Raiding Rules

Raid Attendance

If you are applying to be a Raid Member then you will be expected to sign up for at least two out of three regular weekly raid nights. (Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday). Failure to meet this expectation will result in failing your trial period and you will not be invited to join the guild.

Raid teams will be selected between 19:45 and 20:45, on raid day so please sign up well in advance. Signing up / Logging in at 20:55 and expecting a last minute invite will most likely result in disappointment. The selected team will be posted on the Raid Planner and a note added to the Guild MOTD.

Important: All raid times are quoted in Server Time

If you are not selected for the team, please do not log off immediately as we may need to replace people if they fail to show up, are PUG locked etc. Once we start the raid you will be free to do your own thing.

Because of our relatively limited opportunities to Raid there are a few rules to stick to so that the guild can make the most of these nights.

Raid Team Selection

Selection for the Raid Team is based on; the right class mix, raiding rank and whether we are working on a progress raid or a farm night. With three raid nights we aim to get a balance between progress and farming with the emphasis on progress.

Raiders will have selection priority over Members. Please note, your rank is dependent on how often you sign up for a raid, not how often you are selected. Keep signing and you will get promoted in due course.

Initiates will be invited as often as possible so that you can demonstrate your abilities and we can evaluate your performance.

Lastly, we try to mix things up a bit so that everyone gets a fair turn and we try to match so couples can play together.

We are limited by the number of sign ups and how many players the raid will support so it is inevitable that some people will be left on the bench. Sometimes circumstances conspire against us and it is possible that you might get benched for more than one consecutive raid night. We will do our best to make sure that this doesn’t happen but it is not impossible, so please bear with us and feel free to raise any concerns with an Officer if you feel you have been overlooked.

Raid invites will be sent out at 20:45 sharp. If you have been selected for the team then you are expected to be online by this time, preferably sooner so that the Raid Leaders can get a head start. Please make your own way to the raid entrance as quickly as possible so that we can buff up, sort groups and be ready to make the first pull at 21:00. Please don’t be lazy and expect to be summoned.

Signing up and not showing up means you will be treated as though you didn’t sign up. This will affect your attendance statistics and will eventually result in demotion.

Signing up to a raid and then being late means you will be replaced . If you are replaced you will be treated as though you didn’t sign up. This will affect your attendance statistics and will eventually result in demotion to member.

We will make allowances for good reasons and you won’t be penalized. i.e., your computer died, your car got stolen, etc. Real life happens.

If you know that you are not going to be able to log on for whatever reason, then please do your best to get a message to us somehow. Use the forum, get an in-game friend to pass on a message, something. We will expect an explanation at some point so best to get it in fast.

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