About Us

The Guild

We formed in February 2007 with a group of players who had explored raiding pre - The Burning Crusade up to the end of Molten Core, since then we have recruited a variety of members from varying experience and backgrounds.

Saga have raided throughout The Burning Crusade and been pushing further progression in Wrath of The Lich King, including killing The Lich King himself. And we are currently progressing further in Mists of Pandaria.

Guild Leadership & Rank structure

Saga is run by a council of three supported by a number of officers. The council and officers are always willing to listen to and discuss suggestions and input from all guild members. This is your guild too.



Other Ranks


Raiding members who commit to at least about two raids a week in a rolling 60 day period.


Raiding members who can't commit least about two raids a week 60 day period.


New members to the guild.


Friends and relatives of existing Raider members who want to play the game with their IRL partners/ friends but have no interest in Raiding.

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